nation building

what i learnt from miguel today

do you know what the five stars on your country's flag means?

uhmmm... i'm not sure... i think i used to know

what does the sun in the middle of the argentinian flag mean? is it some incan sun god?

no. it's a freemason symbol. josé de san martin who liberated argentina was a freemason. apparently he met up with simon bolivar who was the liberator of most of north america and had to give up his army to him because he was lower in rank


well i was stunned, and i went to check it out. but i went to check it out and it looks like manuel belgrano was the guy who designed the flag, and he was indeed a freemason.

well, they have plenty of history and wars of independence, and singapore may have a populace who doesn't know what their flag means, but we don't have tinpot governments that fire the entire statistics office for reporting proper inflation figures and run enough inflation to fuel 5% price increases per month while keeping the peso at a fixed rate to the dollar.

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