very happy with the micro syllabus that i have to teach for ec102. some of this stuff is even new to me!

that means that i did not cover them when i was taking ec102 here all those years ago. the micro course now feels more modern. search theory. adverse selection. some introductory game theory. of course there are your staples such as price and production theory, monopoly and industrial structure. i would say that there is a departure from classical utility theory, in the sense that the price theory portion does not go into detail with utility functions, indifference curves and the like, and that has been culled to deal with more interesting subjects.

so less rigour on that part, but a more engaging course overall, because many of these new things are less abstract and more amenable to real life experience and examples.

last year's exam was also reputedly hard, as there was a section with "more challenging questions" and a unique "MCQ" section, and MCQ sections can be really devillish.

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