this one strikes me more than the others. there's always life, and a man should never be judged on his numbers or financial status.

that said, however, to build up something and see it all go to dust because you made an idiotic bet? i get pissed off enough when i lose some data/lose a computer game because i forgot to save or made a small mistake.

now you play a game called life, and something that you work so hard to build crashes down. yah yah blah we all shouldn't work so hard, we should all smell the roses. you slowly accumulate for 40 years, and your company, business and passion collapse b/c of a rush of blood to the head. but wow even i feel the loss. same with people who lose their savings.

well, when i blogged about the volkswagen short squeeze weeks ago i wasn't too fussed about it. i still think people who sell stuff short bear a risk. but you never truly know the faces on the other side of the transaction.

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