interesting anecdote of the day (paraphrased from memory)

"there are always some people who want to prove they're your greatest fan. they pose impossible questions to class teachers so they have an excuse to come to mine, they ask to look over your shoulder as you're doing research, as if it works that way. they come to office hours every week simply to talk about economics and ask you to write recommendations for grad school. i hardly even know them but they're my greatest fan. they want to know how i conduct my personal life. and then turning them down becomes a problem, they write emails everywhere, to admin, everywhere. please, i ask of you, deflect the stalkers for me."

turns out one of these guys is my friend sunny's student.

-i still don't know if the following is sarcasm or real advice-

"never teach too well. you get this kind of stuff. the best you should be is indifferent. not too good, not too bad, you get plenty of time. when you're in a seminar, the best piece of professional advice i can give to you is to shut up. the speaker either wants to get through the seminar peacefully or they really need your comments. if you speak up, you antagonize the former and attract the attention of the latter. you won't have time for anything after that. if you want to talk economics with someone, speak to them personally after. nothing is every accomplished in seminars. just show a lot of face time. i know an extremely smart guy who just shuts up but everyone loves him."


anw, news just in. november us trade deficit narrows significantly. bilateral trade deficit with china also narrows significantly. so, as per textbook thus far. mitigating effect on us growth (less withdrawals). i wonder if the us has been putting it's arm around china and making sure it gets ready by priming it's own domestic demand.

bernanke's speech: nothing new if you have been following. Q&A was fun though and the additional fuss about the bodyguards.

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