post number one today.

first of all, michaelmas TQARO results are out.

it was hard to make out much from the quantitative survey results since they display the usual mean clustering, so no i did not sweep all before me and was rated excellent/super poor by everyone. i was pretty much... competent.

qualitative feedback was more useful and also got me wondering who wrote some of the comments (and it's interesting to try to put a face on some). some of the positive/negative comments seem directly opposing to each other so to please one constituency might involve taking away from another. however, since being liked is probably not such a good thing i think the sensible thing to do is to pander to the needs of the neglected.

so this includes being more ruthless with what needs to be covered in class and probably turning down the let's make this interesting bit. less math. more of a class structure rather than mixing it up so that people will feel more comfortable. being better at culling discussions so i stop some people from taking over, and actively soliciting from quiet people. a core constituent is more concerned about passing this compulsory module so i should make this my number one priority going into lent.

and may i rock on for the lent tqaros.

interesting how my teaching style and evaluation pretty much reflected my inherent biases although i tried actively to fight against them.

i had an especially high score for audibility and clarity. maybe i am just a loud fuck after all, and i sound like ivan heng. heh

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