as an example: digged this up from 1993, the reaction to LHL's cancer. so, talk about rational reactions to adversity:

For SM Lee, his experience told him that what was needed was a cool, rational mind to think through the possible developments and find ways to deal with them. He advised BG Lee to go through all the necessary tests and take the best medical opinion available.

SM Lee had to decide if he should cut short his trip and return home. The Lees still had another seven days to go in South Africa and were due to fly to Mauritius for a three-day visit after that. Both the South Africans and Mauritians had taken pains to prepare their programme. He decided against it.

"I'm not a doctor. What could I do if I were back in Singapore with my wife? Comfort him? Will that make a difference? Maybe psychologically. In practical terms, what difference does it make? Nothing.

"What can I do in Singapore which I cannot do in South Africa with a telephone? Nothing. So let's get on with it. That's the kind of decisions I have been accustomed to making. But I stayed in touch."

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