never compromise?

ok, all this started last night. i got back, tired from work, emotional, reading a chat log over, and watching jon stewart at its usual 8.30 timeslot. they had on the actor who was playing doc manhattan, and i saw him blow up something. thought it was pretty cool. so i told myself i'd get this the next day, to distract myself.

i'm usually too good at distracting myself. though i did manage to get half a day in doing my dissertation, i end up spending the entire day finishing this. in many ways it seemed like the right book at the right time. i got a lot of emotional mileage from it.

from my standpoint, they probably gave rorschach the best ending. most cathartic. me? i'd settle for plain old nostalgia, any day. or a blue aloof martyr. i note he contributed almost nothing to the plot mechanics. but he was fantastic mood music. and they gave him a rather small dick.

realized this was my 888th post. if you haven't seen that many it's because that number includes unposted drafts which are too raw for consumption

received another email from an old colleague at the singapore consulate in indonesia. i asked if she was leaving, and she said "no, the embassy is like a home to me." i've always been amazed how contented and happy they are at the workplace and what good friends they make. and she's young... and i imagine, whether in 20 years, she'll still be there, promoted a few more levels and with a few more wrinkles to show for it.

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