last night was interesting, so that occupied me for a while.

didn't realize how wary/guarded/prescient i was in the early stages to include this little bit of foreshadowing, sounds a lot like me now huh?

Chapter VIII, All my Own Invention.

As the Knight sang the last words of the ballad, he gathered up the reins, and turned his horse's head along the road by which they had come. `You've only a few yards to go,' he said,' down the hill and over that little brook, and then you'll be a Queen - -But you'll stay and see me off first?' he added as Alice turned with an eager look in the direction to which he pointed. `I shan't be long. You'll wait and wave your handkerchief when I get to that turn in the road? I think it'll encourage me, you see.'

`Of course I'll wait,' said Alice: `and thank you very much for coming so far -- and for the song -- I liked it very much.'

`I hope so,' the Knight said doubtfully: `but you didn't cry so much as I thought you would.'

So they shook hands, and then the Knight rode slowly away into the forest.

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