positive!: phew i read the -unposted- post i had 4 hours ago and i wonder what the heck all the fuss is about. but it's a fantastic record i think of how these things all come in cycles. i will probably post it sometime in the future when the memories are further away.

i was reading something interesting about grief. must avoid:

i've also found the absolutest happiest version of first of may, which i think is very much in the spirit of the song. it's done by lulu and maurice gibb, 27 years after their messy divorce. (geez i'm not even 27... that sort of timeline is inconceivable.) you feel the mutual care and affection in their banter, and to be honest, this is the sort of song you sing only after you've lived through 50 years. plus, you get a smoky voice. on a poignant note though, maurice gibb died just a year after this performance. anyway, always thought this song was about neighbours.

so now, into work: i realized i learnt/used pretty little thus far in my dissertation of econometrics. i've done almost nothing in that respect. i didn't know how many different macro datasets there are out there. but i'm far more familiar now with where to look for what kind of data, which i suppose is useful for future research work. penn world tables, imf international financial statistics, world bank world development indicators, imf world economic outlook database etc, and also national databases. when i'm done with my dissertation i think i will prepare a guide to international macro/growth datasets (in the style of one of those excellent websites which tell you where to find any kind of development data).

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