ours is just a little sorrow yet

nothing feels better than lip synching to this power ballad. there were some awesome songs in the 90's. RRROOOARRR! electric guitar heals all! someone told me a magnificent story today: in chinese, the character 忍 has a knife and a heart in it. 就算我们心如刀割,也得忍。wow. wanted to get married and have her kids at that moment. i always thought the character was like that because of ninjas or something. but who the hell knows? we can all interpret pictures however we want. oh! another story. tried to break branches today, and was cruelly laughed at for failing to break one. this prompted a sudden: "oh it's ok, man can always break things, but only god can put things back together". that prompted a "wtf did that come from comment". basking in my own originality, i finally remembered that such a phrase comes from old weddings that you might have attended: "what god has put together, let no man tear asunder". damnit religion, must you steal all my lines? and mine always happen to be poor imitations of the original.

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