someone finally convinced me that horizontal striped polo is good. but this one is more structural/architectural than the rest. their stuff simply stands up very well. it looks totally blah on the rack but clothes are meant to be worn.

anyway... provided a good pick up line, first time i've been approached by a guy who wanted to know what was in my bag. but he's a central st martin's fashion graduate so it turns out there was a reason for his interest. i was more interested in who the parent company was so i could buy their stock. well, it's basically h&m. it'll be out of europe soon enough. was skeptical, store is pretty monochrome, full of minimalist coffee table books. i would describe it as fashion architecture.

stuff is from COS (collection of style).


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meiting said...

OMG jesse that's sooo vain!!!
meiting here by the way... just randomly browsing... i love cos too :)