new quiz making its round on facebook... which elite school are you from... again, hanging around a fairly limited cultural milieu one you occasionally remember those moments where you've correctly predicted where someone is from based on school stereotypes. well get this bitches, you'll never guess where i'm supposed to come from. i'm an rgs girl at heart.

You are smart and motivated. In fact, you've been motivated since you were in nursery school. Sometimes, you wish you can unleash your inner being (either the rebellious ah lian or the slutty-party animal). You tend to giggle a little too much. You want to do everything because you feel that you are expected to do everything. In your quiet moments, you think "How did I become so lucky"?

i guess it's a fair reflection of what i am now (or was a month and a half ago, i've slid down the pole a little), i probably would have different answers when i was actually in sec school. but, i mean, wtf right... this thing doesn't even account for gender.

aaah, personality tests... the thrills of seeing what everyone else's type really is, as if we didn't know enough about them already. but you can tell from my pickup in facebook usage that something inside me has changed, if only just a little.

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