st life ran a little thing about death today, there's a little thing in there which struck a chord:

"josie has told me she's afraid she'll forget me some day - forget what i looked like, forget to think about me, and some day, stop loving me. i have the same response for you that I had for her: you may forget me some day. that's just a normal brain function. but you should never feel bad about it, because as long as you remember the things that were important to me, you won't ever really forget me."

this is from somebody's list of things

5. I'm deathly afraid of death. I test myself sometimes by thinking about no heaven nor hell, but the idea of a never-ending nothingness after. Never being to think or feel forever. 90% of the time it brings me to tears.

Well I know that this particular meme is now more common than I first thought it was. I first brought it up at a young age, and as a result i guess people always associate me with this when i catch up. what a thing to be remembered for. but it's always nice to be remembered. i guess it's true that you remember what's important to a person more than the details of a person himself. even faces fade, if only for sanity's sake.

it's nice to know that someone shares my little guilt of forgetting. it happens as i live life, but there's part of me that's perpetually afraid these things will die, even all these mundane things i'm obsessed with attempting to recreate... it's like i've gotten over no 5. but it's been replaced by an obsession that if i don't remember these things they will die. perhaps the advice is right, the next step is photography. after the exams.

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