never eat what you kill - wholesome family entertainment

had some great pictures of the catch today, but my phone is not co-operating. headed to bottle tree village today which is in an obscure corner of sembawang park.


anyway, instead of spending time with econometrics i spent the entire afternoon prawning. it's pretty zen. you stick the line in and you observe the float. don't observe also can. you wait for stuff to bite, when you think there's enough movement on the float you pull. quite simple right. it's the ultimate thing you do when you feel like you have too much time in your life. it makes time pass quickly. helped that there was a conducive sweet spot where stuff kept biting. catching stuff is thrilling.

haven't been so cruel in a while. last time i killed something i ate was in army where i twisted the pigeon's head and roasted it afterwards. these are just prawns, bottom feeders. when they come out you grab them by the back. the problem is they jerk quite a lot. you would too right if you were stuck on a hook? some are jerkier than others. if you caught a huge one you have to be wary of the pincers by pinning them down. and there were some huge ones. must show photo. then you have to extract the hook from the prawn head while it foams and jerks. there was also a mini lobster. then you throw the stuff in the net. the human instinct is to be afraid of sudden movements, but they really cannot hurt you.

so catch was quite good, very productive. when ready to bbq, take prawns out (they're still alive). it seems they sense their impending doom or something because they're usually more violent. again, grab by the back, but this time you have to apply force more evenly to stretch it out because the prawn's natural instinct is to curl. then you skewer it from the bottom while alive. ok it's partly paralyzed now. then you dump it on the grill and watch it struggle. trust me, i don't enjoy this part. this is when i realize i'm not a sadist. it actually remains alive for pretty long. the ones with the larger claws attempt to grab their way out of existence. anyway, they their shells soon turn orange and then that's it. serve.

then you take it out and peel it. somehow although it's orange you swear some of them might be secretly alive. moral, leave the killing and dirty work to others. never eat what you kill. as with pigeon, prawn, it all seems to much hard work for a little bit of meat. enough with the squeamishness already. eat. enjoy.

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