i've been offered a chance to avoid my work for a while and attempt a column about my current experiences. with that, (and the money) of course, means no more lazy writing but something which synthesizes my thoughts post-relationship and the central questions i've been interested in integrating for a while:

this gives me an opportunity to complete my research on spirituality and why it always seems to rush in to fill the void when love goes away... will get a chance to express my moral skepticism regarding organized religion, and perhaps exercise some of the doubts. so i can finally get down to some of these meditations by trappist monks, and some of the work by kierkegaard which i very much admire.

i'm pretty amazed how quickly all of this has fallen into place. after a night out of town on monday, i met april again yesterday @ loof. just shared with her some of my writing and due to ST's insatiable appetite for the views of young, overeducated people, turns out i get a chance to write something and if it ain't too outlandish it gets published. one small step to columndom!


hear me, hear me. i bet with you that conficker worm thing on cnn is their april fool's job. here it from me before they tell you. so many clues

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