there's something about my shaggy dog eyes that makes people think i'm good.

spent today lunching above my usual socioeconomic status. lunched @ pete's place at the grand hyatt, which does buffet italian lunches for $35/pax (but it was a treat and there was 50% discount!). very nice. i can see the potential in trenchant materialism, for those of us currently lost and buffeted by the winds of change. if i do get converted, i'll buy a camera and start camwhoring about food. unfortunately, all armed with my $100 GST credit (please remember to collect or donate to charity), the afternoon spent browsing atas shops was interesting but somewhat unfruitful. but at least, i avoid the memories from going to the same old places (that said i was just at purvis street/bras basah/raffles hotel the other day, eating hock lam beef kway teow), which i guess is the good part of stepping out of your cultural milieu. i suppose the other thing you could do is to chill about all of it or just fucking leave the country.

while waiting around at club monaco i flipped through a steve mcqueen photobook. the guy literally drove his girlfriends to therapy/insanity but every single comment was about how hot and sexy he was (oh but he is) (with typical freudian thinking they attributed his callousness to his abandonment by mom). but my favourite quote: "there's something about my shaggy dog eyes that makes people think i'm good."

on a related theme, i now have a standing 100 USD bet with michelle goh which i have to hand over the moment i cradle my firstborn. yes, apparently it's written on my face that i am fated to have kids now regardless of my tremendous skepticism for it now.

and this happens to me all the time... everytime i go out, meet someone for the first time, i have "guai" written on my face (although i suspect it's body language). i've never figured out whether it was a help or a hindrance. that, and looking moody. also discovered that listening to sad chinese songs when down is not such an uncommon experience.

i just bought a collection of kurt vonnegut short stories so i might turn into more of a bastard inside. let's see if it rubs off.

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