"and He cried with a loud voice: Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees"

- the book of revelations.

oh look. the sun is shining. the weather's getting warmer. shrubs and flowers are blooming. but the trees are still bare. are they trying to make sure? like, spring, are you really really here. how does one know? me, transplanted over here, first spring. i'm not really sure the weather's going to turn bad over the next week. but the days are getting longer. so are trees not phototropic? do they just not get it?

i have plenty of biologist friends who will tell me the answer. maybe it just boils down to the fact that trees are larger and it takes them longer to get going. but it makes me happy thinking that these cunning motherfuckers won't bloom till they're absolutely sure. they've seen too many a young plant or shrub gotten to by the frost. yes. live long, live peacefully. another winter, another spring. no rush now hush. no need for a nervous breakdown. a bit like how some of us live life. solvitur ambulando. but men are not trees and trees not men. maybe men need something different.

also met baby today. baby said hi. i said hi too. baby was highly amused. kept staring at me. made my day. it likes me! but that's just what they say about the little things in life. they distract you from the bigger things, or they're just an excuse for ambition. but the latter i was never really fond of.

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mich said...

lol cunning motherfucker trees. i like that.

anyway i was just thinking how good it is not to be out of SG ... the pace there really gets to you sometimes. nvr occurs to ppl there it might actually be smart to "not have a nervous breakdown"