i purchased a lava lamp like thing for my room. it promises to shimmer and glow. one more thing to keep me distracted and happy for a short period of time as i gaze into its wondrous manufactured parts. that and bruce springsteen's voice live in concert as he cradles everyone to sleep. you know, whatever sends me to sleep. certainly beats our inglorious rendition of "can't help fallin' in love" by the seine, captured in video in it's shameful entirety.

"cause tonight i wanna be with you
tonight i'm gonna take that ride
cross the river to the jersey side
took my baby to the carnival
then i'll take her on all the rides

cause down the shore everything's alright
me and my baby on a saturday night
and you know all my dreams come true
when i'm walking down the street with you

sing shalalalala... i'm in love with a jersey girl
cause nothing matters in the whole wide world
when you're in love with a jersey girl."

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mich said...

i love jersey girl too ... i'm listening to it off your iTunes now. shalalala ...

reminds me of the seine somehow. i guess everything romantic is reminiscent of it ...