they played this at eat today as i was waiting for my coffee

"Trouble in mind, I'm blue
But I won't be blue always,
'Cause the sun's gonna shine
In my backdoor some day."

in fact, the sun will shine in my backdoor in exactly 1 month, 5 days and 18 hours.

i won't be blue always...


EƤrendil said...

OMG, that song sounds amaizing..i need to listen to it!
today i saw the trees all green with flowers and that reminded me of your blog! spring is here!

mich said...

lol ... you know, jesse, i log on to bloglines expecting a daily dose of butzbe now 'cos i know they'll be at least one post everyday

anyway, about my post - nothing happened and i wasn't being harsh on myself. it was a happy post ... cos i'm more comfortable with myself? and i know better what i can and cannot do and that i've limited energy so i'll only put out for the things that're really worth it. though yeah i know the tone prob didn't come off as particularly chirpy.

thanks though :) no wait screw you i don't need friends hahaha

Anonymous said...

hmm nina simone song? sounds like it..... spring is here! too bad im sleeping thru most of the daylight hours hahaha thats y im typing this at 3am....


Jesse said...

this isn't posting really watch this space during hols when i'll get some real output going and not copying and pasting song lyrics.

Jesse said...

chan lek you know me so well. or at least you know nina simone.

but anyway out of the 1000+ songs she's performed anyway a lot aren't hers. this is johnny cash or probably some staple performed during the swing age. when alcohol was not allowed and all and they packed themselves into prohibition bars.

Jesse said...

eh die lah chan lek. exams how. sigh. i want to be able to throw my grad cap in the air like you someday.