Paul McCartney once sung

" for the things you do,
endear me to you,
girl you know i will..."

have to reward myself somehow (astonishing how i can say this with a straight face. how can i be said to be "making sacrifices" when i am blogging more than ever before. but men need excuses.

so far... i need to get a proper cd. i have not purchased a cd from a record store in ages and i miss looking through them alphabetically. i think i will look for nina simone's debut.

i need to get those ordnance survey maps to plan my cycling route. perhaps guides to wales/ireland better than what i have.

Get a big fat work of fiction. Maybe I should even try detective novels.

Start claiming money I am owed. I have many receipts but no money.

Take a fun course next year.

And, leave thoughts of what can be done afterwards to... afterwards.

At least economics questions have a sense of humour. I just laughed reading his "tips on taking the exam." Kind of like a GP question which came out all those years ago in Hwa Chong.

"Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs..." -McCartney
blah blah comment on pop music/ music blah blah the details fail me.

and i think if you were mccartney you'd start the essay with:

"and what's wrong with that."

well thank god mccartney decided to write songs and join a band and not take a levels.

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