"cause we were raised, to see life as fun and take it if we can..."

"riverrun, from Eve to Adam, from swerve of shore to bend of bay..."
Finnegan's Wake

way back in the not-so-romantic times in primary school, i remember everyone gushing about the cranberries. the title's from "ode to my family". (rock bands have a way of reducing things to their proper perspective sometimes. i will try to see partial differential equations as fun. oooh. greek letters! we were at an impressionable age then, and i think "no need to argue" was one of the first few albums i'd listened to from start to finish. before i must not have had much experience with putting cds into the player and pressing play. i can't even remember whether the honda accord my dad had had a cd player (or tape player?), or even if he was driving a honda at that age. blame him for my taste in music, always do. i'm searching so deep into memory and maybe i'll discover what really went wrong all those years ago and why i can't remember trigonometric identities by heart even today. (getting 9/25 for the "find a pattern in joining the dots test?")

it's a customary meal break now. it's pretty difficult to digest dinner and partial differential equations together. now, the days are getting longer in london, london's still a brilliant multicultural city with all its little idiosyncracies, black cabs, and the headline on the evening standard proclaiming "tony blair's vision for london."

the brain is here for the examinations, but the heart's really in ireland. st pat's day is over, but apparently dublin is close to rivalling london in letting in more people from more countries ever to work there. well, what was the germ of an idea is now seeding. i'm closer than ever before! it's just a few hundred kilometres across the irish sea. a ferry ride from merseyside. u2, the cranberries, yeats, james joyce (and my eternal memory of reading "joyce for beginners" and learning that bloomsday and ulysses was based on the predicate that he went out with nora barnacle on that day, and that she gave him a handjob) . that and it's green! my ex-favourite colour. hi blog! you're green! green is the colour of envy.
"tread softly, because you tread on my dreams!"

so... r�ve du jour... visit ireland.

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EƤrendil said...

Jesse!!!! i don't know how i got here but what a nice blog! we neeed to exchange amsterdam's photos! please look at my premature blog! lol
Good luck with revision.