plan 2

in calling of the kindred, section a (not the part we did for the exams), there was this poem, elegy for the welsh dead in the falklands. can't remember the author, but he quoted from the aneirin. remember michael and myself on mud years ago trying to figure out celtic. because druids was a pretty cool clan. oh. i love mythological history.

"Gwyr a aeth Gatraeth oed fraeth en llu
Glasved eu hancwyn, A gwenwyn vu."

(Men went to Catraeth, keen their war band/Pale mead their portion, it was poison)

after my examinations end, i think i will avoid cities. somehow there's always been a tendency to fly from point to point, and that usually brings me to cities. I think given that my exams end a bit earlier, and that I probably won't be able to join kevin and zl on their trip because they're going to go through the continent... i'll try to cover gaelic britain this time. it's a pity because here i am in britain but i've never realised how easy it is to get away, and i keep thinking london is britain, but it's not. maybe just 4-5 days away, then i'll come back to london when everyone's done with their exams. tentative planning.

so just for my reference. london - crewe (virgin trains). crewe - llandudno junction (welsh arriva). llandudno - betws-y-coed. (total travel time: 5 hrs, total cost: �15.60)

day 1: find my way up mt snowdonia, somehow, snowdonia national park. sit around. relax.
day 2. bus to dolgellau. cycle mawddach trail.
day 3. wherever the hell the fancy takes me.
day to infinity. have to come back one day.

space. wide open space.


EƤrendil said...

jesse...interesting point
one thing
"elegy for the welsh dead in the falklands."
falkland is a fucking imperialist word the british gave for a couple of islands that belong to Argentina!
mmm celtic is such a nice language..gaelic too..i would love to understand them
Bye BYe

Jesse said...

sorry... las islas malvinas=p

Jesse said...

anyway... the poem is one criticizing the war.