looked at the expiry date on my milk today. 12th April 2006. As they said somewhere, "someday, somehow, everything started having an expiry date."

15 - 12 = 3... or if you're calculating across months then it's a month + 3. that's... 4 weeks. wait. didn't i have 3 weeks left. no, i have 4! so i basked in the newfound glory of having an additional week which i thought i didn't have.

that's why i took half day today... left after lunch=)

Cadair Idris: Inhabited by a mythical giant, the 889m summit of this peak in Southern Snowdonia is known as the Chair of Idris. Sleep on its slopes, and you'll end up either mad, blind or a poet!

COOL! 1 in 3 chance! Of turning mad of course. whoever wants to be blind or a poet.

whoever in the hell writes this stuff.


also watched loose change 2 on lip's recommendation. actually i heard 2 guys in lse talking about it too, about how 9/11 was staged by the american government. it's on everyone's friend (youtube) and i watched it with a skeptical mind. it's amazing how conspiracist theorists work. how do you know it wasn't itself carefully edited to brainwash you. i was hooked, because just like i was watching 2000 bush vs gore elections during o levels and how we would walk to school on 10/11 for gp class knowing that, hyperbole aside, history just happened, and we would have a whole hour to discuss about who's brother was in new york and what it meant, i like watching people being whipped into a frenzy. i still remember my dad shouting out to me that a plane had crashed in new york. 4 years now! in 70 i can be hobsbawm commenting how i remembered hitler rising to power on one of the headlines.

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