we londoners are a very welcoming people

oh look. another member of the flock coming to visit us in london.

maria was in london for a grand total of 6 hours today. i tried to find her in paris, but she was somewhere in florence, and finally deigns fit to come check on us.=p

anyway. she did raise a pertinent point. it's been 5 years. we were 01s70 after all, and it is now 06. somewhere out there we missed a 5 year reunion (albeit there were many unofficial ones) and we have to get to work to plan a 10 year one. when we can start all bringing out our beaus, belles and babies.

how do you catch up a year (must be more) in 6 hours. but it's one of the best feelings in the world just to catch up over much walking and beer. in any case, there she is, graduated, off to work in hong kong. so haha there we go the diaspora spreads itself yet again.

so yes it was emotional sending her off at leicester square tube station. weird but true.

p/s the old man is just a friendly londoner.

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