thank god for starbucks

"company wanted. interested parties please apply. offer will be made on a strictly confidential basis to the most realistic and competitive offer."

i have to confess that bankside is a tourist area. miguel isn't that far off in saying we need to get out our cameras and start snapping away. what was once dead in winter is now reanimated in the wake of large spanish student group tours.

they come here, of course, to see art. in the tate, or maybe to educate themselves about shakespeare. well they just get to see the remnants of a refabricated wooden building. not that southwark has no sense of history. if you've walked under one of the many dripping bridges we have in this lovely borough you'll sense that jack the ripper is going to jump out one day if only you were alive a hundred years ago.

we, are, however, a hundred years since then, and a little seattle coffee company known as starbucks has now spread its insidious roots all over the world. just like anyone who says "i like mcdonalds" or "i like starbucks" is likely to be dismissed as a tasteless phillistine, i kind of like starbucks. it has sweeter coffee than coffee bean, and i know, anyone can make coffee. not everyone can make a chain with not too bad lighting and ambience where people can meet over coffee. maybe building one near tiannanmen square was not such a good idea. but whenever i'm in starbucks i do think about the many incidents which have occured to me there over the years (yes i believe alex has mentioned this before). as i ordered my coffee i wanted to sit down and just drink it there, and pay 20p more for eat in. yes, studying does things to the mind. anyway, i'm talking about the starbucks next to shakespeare's globe, which is bright and sunny and full of people, not the crummy one near the tate.

how is this relevant? i have no essay topics on :"discuss how the spread of food franchises is an indictment of the lack of creativity today." but you never know. somehow, someday, you may be running breadtalk (or at least advising them) wondering how to make the whole world eat your bread. until you realise it's not the bread that matters.

why did all fast food restaurants start serving coke? it's a remarkable feat of association, and coke is one arrogant mofo. they're not competing against pepsi, they're competing in the beverage market. yes. against water. they're aiming to be the 2nd most drunk drink next to water (i don't know if beer poses a challenge but if alcohol intolerant asians are any guide it'll probably be easier given that there are many more of them).

ya lah. anyway. cappuccino double p double c has one third foam, which is one third less drink but one third more bubbles. but we all know the world loves bubbly drinks best! yah. so. company wanted. please apply.

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