ok. a member of my watchful audience has accused me of censorship. i am always very mindful of what people like and do not like. so that i can please them and make them happy.

anyway. i need to share a joke that's been on my mind. well, it happened in a conversation with chan lek a week ago or so, and he has one fine (and i must say quick) sense of humour.

conversation starts with me wanting to go to wales.
"what for?"
"to look for space lah. i need some place where i can't find anyone in a square mile. it gets too claustrophobic in london sometimes."
"wouldn't speaker's corner (in singapore) do?"

sorry i can't exactly remember the exact words. i hope i got the gist right.

so. i start to think. what shameful things have i done today. (and i should be careful with this in case i have really done shameful things and they get brought up). yes i acted really stupid in a video this afternoon. is this what you are speaking about florrine? i have nothing to hide.
I ACTED STUPID IN A VIDEO. I ALSO SAY A LOT OF STUPID THINGS NORMALLY THAT I TRY TO FORGET=). but maybe it's not what you're talking about. then i better shut up cause it's probably really shameful=p. thanks for dropping by, and see you in brunch bowl.

in addition. i was a goodboy today. i went to church. cause it was maundy thursday, and it's one of the most memorable masses usually. because i can remember the music and i guess i remember being at st ignatius either a year or 2 ago in singapore and listening to "pange lingua" and told myself. it is one of those moments i must can in a bottle and take with me. whereever i go. at least then i can remember where i came from, in case things get too different or lost.

i got my ordnance survey maps. the daffodills are blooming. we came across a field of daffodills. well that happened in paris, but you know, london's kinda like that. always following in paris footsteps, fashion, flowers, whatever.

i also dreamt about overturning a steamboat at a racist comment and leaving my maths notes behind because i was running away from strangers. signs of stress. 1. you have nightmares. 2. the nightmarish part is not bullies chasing after you, but the moment of realisation that you have left your maths notes behind. but well i heard dreams are caused by refiring of neurones to reconfigure them to adapt to stuff you've learnt or to convert stuff from short to long term memory. so not too bad.

back to study. and listening to "all i want for christmas is you." ok, wrong season. but i just borrowed the song. ok!

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