poetry on demand

there's a guy who comes ever so often underneath blackfriar's bridge and writes love poetry (or any other theme on request, for that matter), puts it in a little envelope, and you get to choose from his selection. he's old-ish, and probably does it as a hobby to earn extra cash.

a friend asked me to edit and look through some poetry and i ended up generating my own. no they weren't classics, but they rhymed and sounded pretty ok and i still threw in some allusions and cheeky lines. but i can't post them here because they're effectively "sold". i mean written for a purpose, like for something, so they're not mine.

but yeah. it's so much easier when it's not about you, you and you alone. when it's utilitarian, in fact. and i'm glad i still have a little bit of it. maybe that's what i do when i'm unemployed in the future. write poems for 2 pounds each. only takes me 15 minutes anyway.

and yeah. to the people out there who have exams getting them down. don't let the night make you think too much. *patpat*. now go study.

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